How to efficiently maintain your pressure washer to prolong life.

how to maintain a pressure washer

If you do not maintain your pressure washer consistently then you are going to lose you lots of dollars. There are most of the elements of a pressure washer needs a maintain frequently. In addition to that, if you don't keep maintain your pressure washer to prolong life then it will be wasted.

Therefore you should be very careful about the maintenance of your best pressure washer. You have to do maintenance your pressure washer from time to time. Now I am going to tell you everything about how to maintain a pressure washer.

Pro tips- Always wear glasses, and earplugs, during use of a pressure washer whatever it a gas pressure washer or an electric pressure washer.

Check and change the oil regularly

Before using a pressure washer whatever it gas or an electric pressure washer, always check oil and fuel level. Be sure fuel and oil are at the recommended level. Also, check oil, fuel, and water leakage. The engine oil should be regularly changed.  Change the engine oil after the first 6 hours of use and then change again after 45 hours of use or yearly.

How to change engine oil

Get the oil container, remove oil spigot and then locate drain bolt. Place the oil container below the drain bolt and then unscrew the drain bolt by using an Allen key to drain the engine oil, and refill the oil with the help of a funnel

Check water inlet and in-line screen

Check the water inlet and in-line screen. Clean the screen with the water if dirty or clogged and replace the screen if damned.

Check belts

Before using your pressure washer always check belts that run parallel from the pump to the engine. Make sure these belts are not loose and running properly. If these belts are not properly tight then it may damage your engine.

Check oil and water leakage.

Also, make sure there is water or oil leakage or not in your pressure washer. If yes then use Teflon tape for fixing leakage. And if there is tiny oil leakage in your pressure washer then try to fix it, otherwise, take it to the mechanic.

Check air filter

The air filter is an important part of the pressure washer. it prevents dust and dirt from entering the carburetor and engine. The air filter should always be clean. Otherwise, it will disrupt the fresh air flow mix with the fuel that needed to power your engine. So you should clean the air filter after every 60 hours of use to prolong the life of your pressure washer. But if you are using your pressure washer in dusty condition then you should clean the air filter every 15 hours of use.

How to clean the air filter

To clean the air filter remove it from its case by using either unscrew the butterfly nut or lifting a tab, then pull out the foam. Hit it against the hard surface or you can use an air blower to remove the dirt too.

Arrestor, and muffler.

The spark arrestor is a screen that is hidden behind the muffler. If you don't clean the spark arrester then it affects the performance of your pressure washer. So you should remove and clean the spark arrestor regularly. The spark arrestor should be changed every 100 hours of use or once each year.

How to clean spark arrestor.

Firstly remove the muffler cover by using a screwdriver then remove the spark arrestor from the muffler by loosening the 2 bolts. To clean the spark arrestor, use a blow torch and then install the spark arrestor.

Never run dry

Never run your pressure washer without filling the water tank. The water tank prevents the engine from overheating. Other than that, it prevents the damage of the pump and other components of your pressure washer. Therefore, before running your best pressure washer, make sure the water level is not below the hole. If the water level is below the tank hole then it will begin sucking in air instead of water. Then your engine will be overheating and also damages the pump. So before operating your pressure washer whatever it gas pressure washer or electric pressure washer, make sure water tank is full of water.

How to take care of nozzles.

The nozzles are one of the most important components of the pressure washer. When we keep using the nozzle without cleaning then nozzle gets clogged. When the nozzle clogged, the pressure is higher, which means more work for the engine and the pump. So clean the nozzles from time to time.

How to clean the nozzle.

Remove the nozzle to clear the blockage. Use a straightened paperclip to remove the blockage, put the paperclip in the nozzle hole, and try to push the clog back the way it came. Rinse the nozzle with water and replace.

Check the hoses.

Before using your pressure washer, check for cracks, leaks, and cuts that caused by kicking and wear. If you find any cracks, leaks, and cuts on the hose then try to fix it if possible. Otherwise, replace the hose.

How to fix the hose.

First of all, close the pressure washer if it is running, and then press the tube trigger and discharge all the water inside the tube. Locate the leak in the hose and dry off the leakage area. Get shears and cut the hose on each side of the leak, ensure that the cut is clean and straight. Insert the female coupling into the one end of the hose and insert the male coupling into other ends of the hose. Make sure the ends of the couplings are flat against the hose. Connect both couplings together and tighten with the wrench.

Some other important things about your best pressure washer.

Flush the cleaning detergent after each use and remove the detergent siphoning tube from the detergent supply. Run clean water through the system for 1 or 2 minutes.

Always use the manufacturer recommended detergent or soap.

Relieve pressure in your pressure washer after each use. Turn off the machine and the water supply.

Disconnect all accessories like the hose, spray gun, hose, and wand after each use.

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