How To Improve Your Hitting Ability By Using A Batting Tee.

No one born as a great hitter, all are made with hard work. To be a better hitter you must be always energetic during practice, a correct hitting mechanics is the key to success.

Therefore, to be a great hitter you should know your ability and you should understanding of mechanical habits and actual application of them.

Also, you should have a best baseball batting tee for practice that is according to your age and size.  In addition to that, you have to keep practicing. Also, you also have to be liable for your practice. You can read our buyers guide, how to choose a best baseball batting tee. Here some fundamental tips that will help you to be a great hitter.

Setup Your Baseball/Softball Batting Tee

Before setup, chooses that batting tee that is according to your height. Set up the tee anywhere around or on the plate so that hitter can work on outside as well as inside pitches. Always make sure the height of the tee is at waist level of player and chose the right place for practice.

Stance Of The Hitter

To be a great hitter your stance is very important during hitting the ball. Your eye should on the ball and the head is roughly 50/50 between feet. Also, your knees should slightly be bent and loose and the rear arm should be bent at 90 degrees during hitting.

Contact With The Ball

During contact with the ball, your legs should be bent and back foot should on the toe. When your legs are not stiff, it stops your forward movement, as a result, your bat speed not lose. Also, your left-hand should be L shapes and your right hand should be palm up.

How To Swing A Baseball Bat

Before we started, keep one thing in mind that always try to choose that bat that is light and according to the player. The lighter the bat, the easier it is to swing. The player should be able to hold the baseball bat about 35 seconds without their arms dropping.

Hold the bat with your finger, not with your palm to get the right grip. Always keep a light grip on the bat to maximize your speed. Your bat should be higher than your chest in front of you at approximately 45 degrees. Before starting your swing, take a deep breath and keep calm.

Take a small step with the front foot to increase your power and make sure not to come out of alignment. Rotate the hips to create momentum for the swing. keep your eye on the ball and hit the ball harder with shoulder force.


Hit the ball with the bat and don't stop, extend and follow through, as you know, no one can’t be a great hitter without practice. Therefore, do not give up and continue practicing until you become a great hitter.

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