The Ultimate Guide Of The Best Pressure Washers 2020 With Reviews

best pressure washer

In the fast-pass modern life, people are busy and they don’t have enough time to searches online for choosing the best pressure washer. Trust me, researching the product is very painful and it takes a lot of time.

Other than that, there are lots of options of​​​​ the pressure washer out there on the market and every pressure washer is made for the different cleaning task. That’s why, after spending many hour to test the washers, we completed a list of top 12 best pressure washer. In addition, we have tested every single pressure washer on our list. We hope that this list will help you to choose your best pressure washer.                                        


So without wasting the time, you can choose your perfect pressure washer which suits your need. In our testing we found that Genarac 7019 is the best pressure washer 2020.       

Before buying a pressure washer you have to consider some factors, those Factors are the washer’s weight, PSI, GPM, and accessories. Other than that, you can also have a look at our pressure washer buyer’s guide.

First six washers are gas pressure washer and the next six are electric pressure washer. In this comparison chart, we created a list of the pressure washer’s specification so that you can have a quick look at the best.  




For those who want a gas pressure washer at affordable price

  • Dial for pressure adjustment
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Good power.                                   

Rated by Juan E Sisk 



Most popular electric pressure washer on the market

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Compact
  • Total Stop System

Rated by Juan E Sisk



For those who want best and quieter electric pressure washer

ar blue clean
  • Total Stop System
  • Universal Motor.
  • Hose real for the hose

Rated by Juan Sisk

#1.Generac 7019 - The Best Pressure Washer For The Money   

best pressure washer for the money


  •  Onboard 1/2 gallon detergent tank
  •  Weight: 57 lbs
  •  Axial cam pump
  •  196cc OHV engine
  •  Fuel tank capacity: 3.2 qt



Ease of Use


Overall, the washer works well, ease assemble and easy to use. No doubt, Generac 7019 is the best pressure washer for home use. It offers effective performance at a reasonable price. In addition to that, they also offer Generac pressure washer 2800 psi. You can buy either Generac 3100 psi or Generac 2800 psi pressure washer. The only difference between these two pressure washers is cleaning power. It is up to you what you goo for.                       


  • Dial for pressure adjustment. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • Good power.                                   


  • Cheap Quality Hose Hanger. 
  • Exhaust Can Burn the Hose If Not Careful.

The first pressure washer in our list is Generac 7019. The Generac 7019 is very well built and powerful gas pressure washer. It is powered by 196cc OHV engine. The motor generates 3100 psi water pressure and the pump delivers 2.4 GPM water flow. With it, you can clean from patio to driveway and more. Let's come to the Generac power washer reviews in detailed.

Assembly is pretty easy, first, attach the handle. Next, insert the four nozzle tips into the holder in the handle. Then attach the spray gun holder using the included clips. Install the hose hook.

The design is user-friendly that makes it easy to use. But, there is no telescopic handle and for a tall user might be the inconvenience to move it. The weight of the washer is only 57 lbs and it has the never-flat tires for easy mobility.

Other than that, it comes with a 25-foot garden hose, a 1/2 gallon detergent tank and four nozzle tips (0, 25, 40, and soap). In our testing, we found that all nozzles work very well and when it comes to cleaning it provides the smooth and clean surface to patio, car, and driveway.               

In addition, there is a dial on the spray gun for pressure adjustment. The dial makes your cleaning enjoyable, with the help of the dial you able to choose the pressure according to the different duty.

Frequently Questions About Genarac 7019

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Can I use hot water with it?

#2. Wen PW2800 - Best Pressure Washer For Medium Duty


  •  1/4 gallon soap tank
  •  Weight: 61 lbs
  •  173cc OHV engine
  •  Axial cam pump



Ease of Use


Overall, this gas power washer is easy to assemble and use. It works well on all the surfaces including patio and driveway. But I found that sometimes it takes at least 2-3 pulls to start.  


  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Powerful OHV Engine. 


  • The wheels wobble sometimes
  • Bit expensive.

The next power washer in the list is WEN PW2800. The WEN is one of the best brands that build best power washers at the minimal price. The washer offers many features at affordable price. WEN PW2800 is a compact and sleek design pressure washer.

Assembly is pretty easy, first, attach the front foot to the base using an MA Lockner and tighten, next place the upper frame and handle assembly onto the two upright tubes, press down the handle into the two detained pins, snap in a place. After that attach the upper gun hook and then attach the lower gun hook using M6 screw and Lockner. Now you ready to install the spray gun. Also, you don't have to buy any tool to assemble. Tools come with it.                

The weight of the washer is 61 lbs and it has 12-inch never-flat wheels, which provides more stability and also makes easy to maneuver on the ground.

Also, you can remove the handle for storage. WEN PW2800 is powered by a 173cc 4-stroke OHV engine and offers 2800 PSI water pressure and 2.3 GPM water flow.              

It comes with 30-foot reinforced hose, an on-board soap tank, and 4 nozzle tips (0, 25, 40, and soap). But there is no PSI adjustment, the amount of pressure depends on the tips. So if you want to change the amount of pressure you have to change the nozzle tips. 

However, this is a 2800 PSI pressure washer but we are very impressed with its cleaning ability. In our testing, we found that it provides a smooth and clean surface in a short time. When it comes to cleaning the car, no doubt it is the best pressure washer for cars.          

Frequently Questions About Wen PW2800

Does this model come with a horizontal or vertical shaft engine?