Best Shiatsu Massage Chair 2020 {Only Top 4 With Detailed Reviews}

Are you looking for a shiatsu massage chair? I think yes. So before buying a shiatsu massage chair let's know, what is shiatsu therapy and how effective is it for our health. In addition to that, do the shiatsu massage chairs really better than the other massage chairs too.

What is shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a form of massage therapy originated in Japan. Shiatsu is also known as finger pressing. Shiatsu massage applies the pressure to the specific points on the body by using 5 different types of techniques including soothing, pressing, tapping, kneading and stretching.

How effective is the shiatsu therapy?

According to the health department of the Australian government, there is no clear evidence that shiatsu is an effective medical therapy for cancer patients. But shiatsu therapy help to feel relax and reduce muscle stiffness. In addition to that, shiatsu relief from headaches, anxiety, stress, digestive disorder, and joint pain too.

Best shiatsu massage chairs 2020

There are several companies like Ootori that are working to improve their quality and trying to deliver the massage chairs at the minimum prices to their consumers. Here is a list of top 3 best shiatsu massage chairs you can buy your favorite massage chair right now.




Kahuna SM 9000

3 Year

Ootori Sofia S5

3 Year

Ootori 810

3 Years

Mr Direct Full Body

1 Years

#1. Air float 3D Kahuna SM 9000 Superior Massage Chair



  •  Chromotherapy
  •  MP3 Support
  •  A Single Zero Gravity Position
  •  Extendable footrest
  •  45 Airbags



Ease of Use


The Airfloat Kahuna superior SM 9000 is no doubt the best massage chair ever built by kahuna. The chair offers some great features for the price. However, there are some issues with this chair but no massage chair can be perfect. No doubt, you get what you pay for.


  • Great heat therapy.
  • Various massage programs
  • Extendable Ottoman.
  • Heated rollers.
  • 6 massage rollers for the back.


  • Only a single zero gravity position.
  • There is no way to adjust the temperature.
  • Only 5 massage techniques.

First shiatsu massage chair on my list is Kahuna superior SM-9000. Kahuna massage chairs are popular on the market for many years. You should know that kahuna is an off-brand massage chair. But, they are doing well in the massage chair industries for over 50 yearsKahuna superior SM-9000 is an expensive massage chair and not for everyone but it justifies the price by delivering some great features. In addition to that, it is a FDA massage chair.

The chair is made of synthetic leather and comes in two colors black and brown. However, the chair is made of synthetic leather but it is common upholstery for the chairs, also suitable for the massage chairs.

Advanced Air float 3D SL track

As we expected, the Kahuna superior SM-98000 is equipped with an SL track with 6 rollers system. However, the chairs that offer quad roller system are more popular on the market. Reason behind this is that is the quad roller system feels so much like the human hand. But, the 6 roller system is much better than the 4 rollers system. It is an SL track so the track reaches all the way to your back and also extended to the thighs.

We are talking about Kahuna so we expected more with this chair and we get. It does not only offer SL track with 6 roller system but the rollers heated too. The Kahuna superior is no doubt the best massage chair for people who suffer from chronic pain and other back problems.

Zero gravity

Like the other chairs, it also comes with a zero-gravity seating. But, it offers only a single zero gravity position whereas the other chairs offer two or three zero-gravity position, even the medium-priced one. It could be better. But it is a space-saving massage chair and requires only 3 inches wall clearance from the wall during zero gravity position. It might be the best shiatsu massage chair for those for whom space is an issue.


There are about 40-45 second-generation airbags located all over the shoulder, legs, feet, lower back and arms. However, the total number of airbags is not enough for the price but they do well. So this issue might be ignored. In addition to that, it also has arms pads that press the acupoints of your arms and hand.

No. of Massage programs

The chair comes with 5 different massage Techniques these are Kneading, Tapping, Kneading & Tapping, Knocking, and Finger Kneading (Also known as shiatsu). We are expecting more massage techniques at the price but they offer only 5. The number of various massage techniques must be increased. But on the other hand, they work well by delivering 7 different auto programs. The auto programs are recovery, stretching, Yoga, Calming, Renew, Relief, and Music Sync.


Most of the chairs offer only lumbar heat whether they are expensive or cheap but Kahuna superior offers heat massage to different body parts. As we mentioned before that the back rollers are heated, so you can enjoy the heat and get the benefits of heat massage over your whole back. Apart from this, there is a heating pad on the lumbar area and the footwells are heated too. If you are suffering from chronic leg pain and you are the one who feels tired after working a long day, then this will your favorite massage chair. Our issue with this chair is that is it is an expensive massage chair, the temperature must be adjustable but there is no way to adjust the temperature.

Extendable footrest

It offers an extendable footrest. You can extend the footrest up to 7 inches with a single click. The extendable footrest is a great feature for tall people. The chair supports a maximum of 6 foot 5 inches in height and 320 lbs in weight.

Foot and calf massage

The company does a great job for the foot sectionThe chair uses airbags as well as rollers for the foot massage. In addition to that, there are three different massage options you can control for the foot massage, the options are scraping, rolling, and kneading. However, there are many massage chairs on the market that offer different massage options for the foot. But, the Kahuna is one step forward because it offers the heat for the foot too. Like the other chairs, kahuna also offers airbags for the calves massage. But, the Chair offers only 3 air massage intensity control. It could be better if they offer more than 3 intensity levels. They must be work on this.

Mp3 support.

It offers Bluetooth connectivity with a high-quality speaker. You can connect your phone and enjoy your favorite songs. This might be a favorite feature for people like me who love to listen to a song while massaging.


The chair offers chromotherapy benefits. The therapy that causes by soft blue light is called chromotherapy. There is a blue LED light on both sides of the chair. The blue Led lights help you feel more relaxed and enhance your massage experience.

#2. Ootori Sofia S 5 Full Body Electric Massage Chair

ootori electric massage chair


  •  6 Massage Techniques
  •  3 stages of zero gravity
  •  140cm SL Track
  •  Heat Therapy
  •  56 Airbags



Ease of Use