Top 20 Massage Chair & Recliner (Only Top Pics) The Ultimate Guide 2020

Does it make sense to spend $ 15-20 for a daily massage session, While you can enjoy a daily massage in less than 5 $ with the help of a massage chair? You are going to lose more than $ 4900 per year by avoiding the massage chair. In addition to that, the best massage chair offers many health benefits at a reasonable price.
According to the American College of Physicians and Pain Society, Massage is a way to reduce chronic pain. Apart from this, there are many health benefits too. But, everyone doesn't have the time and money for a professional massage. The massage chair is an alternative for a professional massage. 

Best Massage Chair & Recliner 2020

But I know that choosing a perfect massage chair is not an easy task when you have plenty of options. That why I have created a list of top 20 massage chairs and recliners. In addition to that, every massage chair and recliner on my list is tested by the experts. So that I can offer you only the best. You can buy your best massage chair according to your budget and need right now. But before choosing a massage chair you can read our post on how to choose a massage chair.

Best Massage Chair : Top Pics



For those who want only the best

kahuna hubot
  • 3 D Zero Gravity
  • 15 Massage Propgrams
  • 3 D KMA-08M-225L massage

Rated by Ella R. Salcido



The best massage chair for tall and big user

 for tall person
  • 12 Inches Leg Extension.
  • Space Saving Zero Gravity
  • Triple hip aircells

Rated by Ella R. Salcido



For those who want a feature rich chair at affordable price

zero gravity chair
  • 3 Stages Of Zero Gravity
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 130 CM SL Double Track

Rated by Ella R. Salcido

#1. Kahuna Hubot 078 Best Massage Chair In Terms Of Feature

kahuna hubot


  •  Auto body detection technology.
  •  KMS-08M-225L Massage system.
  •  Heating therapy on upper back, lower back, legs, and feet area.
  •  HSL massage track (about 52 inches long).
  •  Castors for easy movements.


Highly effective


Not the cheapest but reasonable

Ease of Use

Take time to get use


Great answers without any delay

Overall, kahuna Hubot HM 078 is a luxury massage chair that offers many features at a reasonable price. However, there are some issues with this chair that I mentioned in the reviews. But there is no massage chair that can be perfect.


  • A KMA-08M-225L massage system that works on every single inch of your body to relieve pain and stress.
  • 15 massage programs.
  • Heat therapy for the whole back as well as foot and calf.
  • extendable footrest.
  • An 101 Airbags.
  • 1 Hour continues massage timer.


  • Assembly is a little bit difficult.
  • Only a single zero gravity position.
  • Recommended for up to 6.1 ft users only.

One of the best massage chairs on my list is Kahuna Hubot 078. Kahuna is one of the best brands of massage chairs. In addition to that, Kahuna has been doing well in the massage chair industry for the past several years. So far the Kahuna LM and SM series got great success on the market.

Now we are going to check the Kahuna Hubot HM-078 to know that does it worth the money. But before we go further I want to tell you that Kahuna Hubot HM-078 is an expensive massage chair and not for everyone. The chair is designed decent and comes in two colors Black, and Brown.

Although the chair is made of synthetic leather, you should know that most chairs offer synthetic or PU leather, whether it is cheap massage chairs or expensive ones. The reason behind this is that synthetic leather does not crack or fade easily than real leather. In addition, it is easy to clean too. 

Kahuna Hubot HM-078 is not a cheap massage chair so I expected that the assembly to be pretty easy but it was not. It not only comes in four pieces but there is wiring to attach as well. First, attach the footrest then attach the bottom side panel using a screwdriver. Attach the right and left arms and then go for the wiring connection in the arms last. This will help you to avoid the electronic connection issue. This could be better for the price.

Nowadays zero gravity is a common feature that most of the chairs offer. Like the other chairs, kahuna Hubot HM 078 also has a zero-gravity feature. But my issue with the Kahuna Hubot HM 078 is that it offers only a single zero gravity position whereas other massage chairs offer 2 or 3 zero gravity positions at the price. Just think about that a chair that comes with a price tag less than $ 2000 offers a 3 zero gravity position whereas Kahuna Hubot HM 078 comes with a price tag more than $ 5000 and offers only a single zero gravity position. This could be better.

But on the other side, they work well. It comes with a KMA-08M-225L massage system. It uses double-sized elastic balls that work on every single inch of the body to relieve pain and stress.

However, it is not a space-saving massage chair. But it requires only 5 inches clearance from the wall while in zero gravity position. So you can enjoy the massage in your cabin. However, most of the chairs that cost less than two thousand dollars offer 3 inches clearance from the wall during zero gravity position. But it might not be an issue with this massage chair.

The chair is equipped with an HSL track with 4 rollers and the length of the roller track is 51.2 inches. However, it is an advanced SL track with an ergonomic curve but my issue with this chair is that the track reaches all the way to the back but does not extend to the buttock. In

There are 101 airbags located all over the shoulder, calves, head, arms, and feet. In addition to that, it is equipped with 17 air control system that allows you to massage the head, shoulder, calves, arms, and feet separately. You can customize the air-cell massage up to 5 different levels.

Kahuna Hubot HM 078 comes with 6 different massage styles these are Kneading, Rolling, Dual Action, Tapping, Knocking, and Finger pressing (Also known as Shiatsu).

In addition, this chair comes with 15 different massage programs too. These are yoga stretching, renew, anti-stress, deep tissue, yoga stretching twist, sleep aid, yoga stretching active, SV-Chiro, special sports massage, All air mode, SV-Chiro twist, Rocking, Dynamic sports, Golfer mode, Athletic mode, and Fast recovery.

However, the chair offers a 7 inches extendable footrest but the thing that I can't understand why Kahuna Hubot is suitable for up to 6.1ft users only. Whereas the other chairs that do not offer an extendable footrest can accommodate 6ft in height. It could be better.

If you are people like me who suffer from chronic back pain then you are going to love this chair. The chair offers great heating therapy for the upper and lower back. You can consider Kahuna Hubot 078 as a best back massage chair. In addition to that, the chair offers heat therapy for the calf and foot too. But my issue with this feature is that heat is not strong enough on the calf area. If you are working all the day on your foot you can avoid this chair.

#2. Kahuna SM-7300 - Best Massage Chair For Big And Tall Users  

best massage chair


  •  Triple hip airbags.
  •  5 intensity levels of airbags massage.
  •  Extendable ottoman up to 12 inches.
  •  Acupressure point arms.
  •  LED lights on both side of the chair


Highly effective


Not the cheapest but reasonable

Ease of Use

Take some time to get use