8 Health Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair Instead of Regular Massage.

benefits of using a massage chair

If you are going to buy a massage chair then you have to know about the health benefits of using a massage chair. I know everyone knows how massage is beneficial for the health. But here I am going to tell you, health benefits of using a massage chair instead of massage in a spa.

Many people think that massage chairs are an expensive product. No doubt, they are.

But there are lots of benefits from the massage chair if you choose the best for you. I am not saying you that you go to buy a massage chair. But if you are going to buy a massage chair you can read our massage chair buyer's guide it will definitely help you to choose the best massage chair. Let's came how many benefits does a massage chair have.

Beautiful Skin.

As we know massage heats up our body. When we perform massage our blood circulation increase to the skin as well as other parts of the body, better blood circulation improves the flow of nutrients to the skin. This has a positive effect on the skin as well as body.

When we perform massage it's sweating due to heat up, pores of the skin open as a result of Sweating. It helps us release impurities and toxins from the skin as a result, we get a beautiful skin. Other than that, it increases the regeneration rate of cells, as a result, we get higher healing potential from scratches and cuts.

Improve Mood.

A study conducted that 18 % adult in the US is suffering from mental health. Means over 42 million Americans are suffering from mental health, more than the population of New York and Florida combined. Some of them are suffering from a serious mental health problem and some are suffering from stress, anxiety disorder.

We all know that hormones like serotonin and endorphins are responsible for the regulation of mood, anxiety, happiness, depression and overall mental health. When we perform massage with massage chair it produces serotonin hormones and increases their level. When level of serotonin hormone increase in the body, it reduces the depression, anxiety levels, and overall stress, which result in mental relaxation.

Better breathing.

As we know that the quantity of fresh air that a person can take in with one single breath is dependent upon the capacity of lungs. But the lungs capacity often variable due to our daily lifestyle, for example, a smoker has fewer lungs capacity than normal people.

The lungs are situated within the chest Cavity, the size of this cavity reduces due to improper posture. When the size of this cavity reduces, in that case, the intake of oxygen reduced.

To compensate, the body takes shorter breaths which are more frequent. The muscle around the lungs relaxes when we massage with the massage chair. As a result, lungs expand and take in more air.

Treat of cancer.

Cancer is a scary disease basically. Cancer has no cure for many years ago but now it is. But the treatment of cancer is highly risky and causes several debilitating side effects like pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc.

Massage chairs can't treat from cancer but it can provide you immediate relief to help combat the side effect of cancer. Massage chair helps cancer patient to relax stress and enable them to sleep better. This results in massive benefits from the treatment process from cancer. Other than that, massage chair helps the body to fight against impurities and diseases by boost the immune system.

Improve posture

People with desk jobs mainly suffer from bad posture. People with desk jobs are always sitting in the same position for several hours, resulting in severe pressure on the spine and neck. Because of which the muscles in these areas get tired and fatigue.

Bad posture can cause several problems in the future like shoulder pain, neck pain, pain in the hip, lower back and spine.

When you use a massage chair regularly, it can help to relax these muscles. Also, it fuels blood circulation to realign your spine with its proper shape. Those who suffer mainly from the neck and back pain, the zero gravity chair works very well for them.


As we know that massage improves blood circulation to various parts of the body including the digestive system. With the improved blood circulation, various body parts as well as digestive system function at a more optimal level. As a result, intestine absorbs food and nutrition more efficiently.

When we perform massage with the massage chair, it promotes peristaltic movement in the large intestine, resulting system improve the flow of food.

When we perform massage with the massage chair, it promotes peristaltic movement in the large intestine, resulting system improve the flow of food. This prevents infections, constipation, and the formation of gases.

In addition, the massage also activates the parasympathetic nervous system which stimulates the digestive system. So when you use a massage chair after a few hours of the meal then your food easily digest.

Boos Immune system

As we know, the immune system is made of special cell, protein, organs and tissue which defend us against germs and microorganisms. One of the most important cell called leukocytes is responsible for the immune system.

When we suffer from diseases like cold, fever, etc, the number of white blood cells (also called leukocytes) decrease, in that case, our immune system becomes weak.

As we know, the leukocytes that are white blood cell defend us against diseases and also responsible for the immune system. When we perform massage for 45 to 50 minutes, the number of leukocytes increases in the body. As a result, our body able to combat sicknesses we encounter every day like fever cold, etc.

Better sleep.

There are many people out there in America that are suffering from the sleeping disorder or segmental sleep. The sleeping disorder and segmental sleep may not impact you immediately, but if you continue this pattern, your health will suffer.

Due to segmental sleep, you may be suffering from some serious medical problems like obesity, stroke, heart disease, and mood disorders.

A study conducted that massage therapy reduces fatigue and improve overall sleep quality. As we know that the delta waves are brain waves that are responsible for sleep quality. When we perform massage delta waves increase and we keep drifting off to sleep.


Overall, the massage chair has lots of benefits. The massage chair is a solid investment for mainly those people who suffer from health problems like back pain, neck pain, sleeping disorder, etc. Other than that, the massage chair is a convenient and time-efficient machine that provides you a professional massage. There are many options of the best massage chair and best massage chair recliner out there on the market. It is up to you what you go for. 

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