The Axial Cam Pump Vs Triplex Pump (Which Is The Best)

axial cam vs triplex pump

Are your pressure washer pump gone dead? or are you are still confused that, which pump is the best, axial cam or triplex pump. Then you are the right place, here I am going to tell you the difference between the axial camp pump and triplex pump. I know you want the best pump for your pressure washer so that your pressure washer being long-lasting. You know that the pump is the most important component of a pressure washer. Whether, it is the triplex pump or axial cam pump. So lets us know the difference between the triplex pump and the axial cam pump.

Axial cam Vs Triplex Pump (Which Is the Best).

Before we go further you should know that it matters a lot that what type of pump you are using for your pressure washer. I know that lots of people are using the pressure washer that has an axial cam pump and some of them are using the Triplex pump over the axial cam pump. But before we start I want to tell you that you should be kept maintained of your best pressure washer to keep it long. Whether, you are using an axial cam pump pressure washer or the triplex pump pressure washer. So let’s go to the depth details of the axial cam and triplex pump.

The Axial Cam Pump

axial cam pump

Axial cam pumps are direct drive pumps and compared to the triplex pump, axial pumps have a less long life. But axial cam pumps are more economical than the triplex pumps and provide enough power.

So if you are going to use your pressure washer for intermediate cleaning task then an axial cam pump might be best for you. However, the axial cam pumps have a less long life and less power compared to the triplex pump but they are much better than the wobble pumps. In addition to that, axial cam pumps provide more power than the wobble pump.

If you are planning to use your power washer for less than 60 hours a year then axial cam pumps power washers are the great choice for you to tackle all cleaning jobs such as cleaning patio, driveway and more. 

The Triplex Pump

triplex plunger pump

Triplex pumps are displacement reciprocating positive pumps and used for extra heavy duty pressure washer. Triplex pumps are built of high-quality stainless steel so these are rust aberration.

If you are buying a pump for professional works then the Triplex pump is the best for you. Because the triplex pump runs thousands of hours without any maintenance. And also the triplex pump offers you high pressure. So if you are a professional then you should buy a triplex pump for your pressure washer.

Other than that, these cool easily and have a longer life than the axial cam pumps. If you are planning to use your pressure washer more than 60 hours a year, then I recommend you to choose that pressure washer that has the triplex pump.


If you are looking for a pump for the intermediate cleaning task then the axial cam pump is the best for you. In addition to that, axial cam pumps are cheaper than the triplex pump. But if you are a professional cleaner then you should go for the triplex pump.

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